play is everywhere

an archive of articles written by terry pearce and untold play associates, published across the web, including in TrainingZone, Ludogogy, Medium and elsewhere

gamification beyond the buzzword: why it’s not what you think

gamification has unjustly garnered a bad name in the past, but when used well, it’s a perfect way to drive the behaviours you want from learners

the mind of a player: using motivational models in gamification

finding it difficult to pick a model to explain what people love in games? step right this way for five practical and inspirational tools

designing for difference: autism and game-based learning (with sam warner)

a conversation between terry pearce and autism expert and professional sam warner, exploring the relationship between games and autism

there’s a magic to cards: use it to create powerful learning experiences

find out what cards can do to unlock learning, which decks you could use in your own learning experiences, and how to create your own